Simon Husin


Simon Husin

Visionary CEO / Founder

Simon Husin, the dynamic CEO and Founder of our event management company, is a true luminary in the entertainment industry. With a remarkable 17-year journey, he has evolved from a DJ and singer, steadily ascending the ranks to become the COO of a prestigious nightclub chain in Asia. For the past eight years, Simon has poured his passion and expertise into establishing and nurturing Braga Conceptz.

Simon's profound impact on our company is unparalleled. His extensive personal network and direct access to A-List artists are instrumental in shaping our events. With a wealth of experience in creating, organizing, and executing events, festivals, and concerts, Simon is the driving force behind our success.

But Simon's influence extends even further. He serves as the former manager for none other than Willy William, one of our A-List Artists proudly signed to Braga Conceptz. This exceptional collaboration underscores Simon's expertise and prominence in the industry.

Simon's leadership is marked by innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence. His vision has propelled us to new heights, ensuring that every event we undertake is nothing short of extraordinary. He fosters a culture of creativity, teamwork, and meticulous attention to detail within our organization, inspiring our team to consistently exceed expectations.

In a rapidly evolving industry, Simon's adaptability and forward-thinking mindset have kept us at the forefront of event management. His relentless pursuit of cutting-edge solutions and his ability to transform concepts into reality set him apart as a visionary leader.

Simon's dedication to our company's mission and his remarkable achievements make him the cornerstone of our team. His leadership not only defines our success but also drives us to continually innovate and excel in all that we do.

With Simon at the helm, Braga Conceptz is poised for an exciting future, filled with groundbreaking events and memorable experiences. His visionary leadership continues to inspire us to reach greater heights, making our journey together truly exceptional.

Simon Husin
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